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General overview

Banner ads are placed throughout on a revolving schedule determined by the number of ads accepted. Ad  "views" are measured and compiled on a monthly basis, with a copy of reports available on request.

Banner ads may include a link direct to the advertiser's own website. This enables the browser to "click" to view your independent, commercial website. If no company web site is available, an optional web page can be purchased for extended advertisement space.

Banner File Limitations: will accept no advertising banner files larger than 15k, and we strongly urge all advertisers to use files no larger than 7k to make sure they appear quickly and are read by as many people as possible.

Alternate Banner Text: will display along with banner ads a 10-word tag line composed by the advertiser. Tag lines appear as alternate text behind the ad banner. Due to space limitations alternate text must be 10 words or less. 

Banner Size Specifications: Banner dimensions are: 468 pixels wide by 60 pixels high. Banner will be hyper linked to an address of your choice (advertiser's website or optional information page). Graphics should be in GIF, Animated GIF, or JPEG format. All GIF banners, animated or static, must be interlaced before sending. Maximum 7 seconds, 3 loops only. Homepage Banners must be non-animated.

Number of Banners: An Advertiser may submit up to 5 banners to run per contract with and may refresh these banners no more then once per week.

Ad Rotation: General Rotation banners will appear in rotation throughout the entire web site. 

Submission lead time: Submission of banners for new campaigns is 72 hours.

Refresh lead time: Changes to banners already running must be submitted 48 hours in advance.

Roll-out schedule: Ad rolls take place every business day at 5pm (PST). If a campaign needs to be live during a specific business day, it should be scheduled to begin the night before.

Ad Design Services: We can assist in advertisement design and layout.

Editorial Support: Depending on advertising package, advertisers may receive special priority for inclusion in our product review and feature sections. To take advantage of these reviews, contact your advertising representative. Photos, negatives, slides, ad slick, leaflet, or kits can be sent along with any information you would like to be considered for inclusion with the review. Please be sure to include your product name, your company name, along with the address and phone number you would like included with the review. Also, please remember to include the retail price.

Terms: All ads run on a 3 month contract. Full payment due on or before ad submission date. Subsequent invoices are sent 30 days prior to next term. Terms are net 30 days from the date of the invoice. Advertising is not considered accepted and banners will not be scheduled for inclusion until payment has been received and cleared and ad graphics have been approved. All rates are in U.S. dollars.

Rate Adjustments: reserves the right to increase advertising rates with proper notice and subject to government regulations.

Liability: All copy, display, text and illustrations are published online with the understanding that the advertiser and/or agent are fully authorized and have secured the proper written consent for the use of the material and may lawfully publish and cause publication to be made. The advertiser and agency agree to indemnify and hold blameless the server from any and all liability loss or expense of any nature arising out of such electronic publication.


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