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Readers Trucks August 2002
Suicide Ride

J Schatz

Chevrolet S-10

18" Eagle

Check out this ride. The exterior has been shaved of its door handles, antenna, emblems, cab seams. The truck was given a coat of custom mix of baby blue primer. The doors have been given the Suicide treatment. The truck also has clear corner lights, clear bumper lights, and Altezza taillights. The suspension features fast bags, and front/back setup with 1/2" air line, and 1/2" blitzlift valves, a Thomas compressor, and single air tank. The rear has a monoleaf setup, and the front has 2" drop spindles along with airbags at all four corners. The frame has also been painted. The interior features miscellaneous tweeded parts. Unfortunately the truck had small interior fire caused by welding, and so it will soon have a new tweeded headliner with embossed flames, and recessed flames on door panels and dash. The stereo is factory except for a CD player.

The truck isn't done yet. He's already got the graphic scheme drawn up, and the truck will be getting a body drop, and a full cal combo with supra lights and tilted box, and shaved taillights, shaved gas door, ram air hood, and some custom chroming under the hood.

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